Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pepper Spray

The Agrarian tradition in America is basically conservative (not the fake conservatism of the likes of Hannity or Fox news), but it simultaneously harbors a broad populist streak that dislikes concentrations of power and wealth. I think many of the OWS crowd is clueless about solutions, but they are right that something is wrong. The banks own the government. Supporting the big business/big government alliance is neither conservative or agrarian. I have never known a farmer that did not regard bankers as somewhat akin to groundhogs-- basically a costly nuisance but in really hard times you might be able to eat a young fat one. I don't care much for public protests but I like injustice a whole lot less. Pepper spraying peaceful hippies at the behest of big banks is just plain wrong. I am glad I am not the only one who feels that way.... Great New Song by Rick Saenz in the rural populist tradition. Give a listen!

Friday, November 25, 2011

Black Friday Shopping

No Crowds Here

An email from a friend and reader reminded me I have been neglecting agrarian blogging, while living the agrarian life. I have never mastered the art of writing without excessive verbosity. I am going to try both shorter posts and more frequent posts...

Like most Americans did, I went shopping today. Bought a bag of dog treats and hot coffee at the local general store/diner (Pictured above in warmer weather).

We also drove to New Wilmington to pick up our big purchase. We ordered a Hickory chest as a combination sitting bench and firewood storage for our Hitzer parlor stove. An Amish acquaintance did the work. I made a kitchen firewood box from 1X6's but my wife wanted something pretty for the parlor. I felt good about spending the money, which was much better work than my DIY. The purchase helps sustain a family we like and I expect the bench to last the rest of my life.

It shocks me how people will camp out, endure crushing crowds, and even get peppered sprayed for some electronic gadget that might be out of fashion or break next year. I can attest that it is entirely possible to live a reasonable happy life without an IPAD, IPOD, a microwave, or a television. Though we do love our automatic dishwasher, and of course the laptop I typed this on..... So much for my Luddite purity.