Thursday, March 11, 2010

Is the party over?

Interesting thoughts from Caleb Steagall, the Kansas farmer-lawyer.
The Tea Parties seem to have become the focal point for a three way battle of ideas between forces epitomized by Glenn Beck, Newt Gingreich, and Alex Jones, none of whom I find particularly appealing. I have heard precious little from any of them that could be regarded as conservative in either ideas or demeanor.

Now, only someone from the DC ruling class or a fool would not think there was not something radically wrong with our country. However, if we are to restore "conservative values" should we not at least act like conservatives? Should we not also identify something worth conserving as a starting point?

I recently wrote to my English friend that I think the most radically conservative act we could do was go home to tend our gardens and homes and visit our neighbors. He thought that statement would meet with Jane Austin's approval, which pleased me to no end.


LizBeth said...

Overall, I agree. But I don't relish being taxed to death in the process. The first revolution was not terribly well supported. Many people didn't get it then, and they don't get it now. Do you think there is anything we can do about this deplorable mess, or is it too late?

The Midland Agrarian said...

Hi LizBeth,
I think living frugally, as you do, but with Joy is actually doing something. Certainly sharing your household skills is important as well.

I also intend to continue to be active in certain causes. There have been some recent defeats for the servile state on a number of issues; among them National Animal ID, and the ridiculous Federal bill to inspect home gardens. There also are some great organizations doing quiet work that never gets on the news, one of my favorite being the Rutherford Institute. They deserve our support.

Finally, where there are islands of sanity, cultivate them. My church is one such island. Nearby Grove City College is another. Such places are kind of like the medieval monasteries that preserved everything from farming skillls to humane learning in hope of a better day.

Hope this helps.

Kevin said...

It is a case of egos.

When it was a faceless grassroots movement it seemed to gain momentum and draw support from a wide spectrum of people and was well accepted, in spite of the medias attempt to malign and slander those who stood-up for their rights.

Now you have politicians and personalities trying to become the "face" or "leader" of something that did not require one and in so dong have let some steam out of the kettle.

The Midland Agrarian said...

You may be on to something brother.
The popularity of the Tea parties may be leading to their demise.

They are attracting pollyticians like maggots to a dead sheep hide.

Kevin said...

You shouldn't insult maggots like that, at least they serve a purpose.