Monday, April 7, 2008

Anglican Friends of Issues Etc

A big thank you to the folks at Radio Free Wittenberg and Wittenberg Media for beginning the work of uploading issues etc archives. I am listening and grateful.

There are obviously conflicts within LCMS that I will not weigh in on. Everyone knows my own faith tradition is pretty much a mess right now. There is an interesting and insightful comparison of the respective "issues" on this site.

For right now, I have added a link list I call "Anglican Friends of Issues Etc"-sites of orthodox/reformed Anglicans who are blogging about the demise of this great show. If there are others, please let me know. I would also encourage other Non-Lutherans to do the same, so we can have "Presbyterian Friends of Issues etc", and more. If the old show could morph into something new, this could help those of us who are not part of the Wittenberg trail keep up with changes, as well as support Pastor Wilken and Mr. Schwarz.

Please also consider donating to meet the material needs of these good men as well.

St. Paul Lutheran Church
Box 247,
Hamel IL 62046
Mark it Wilken/Schwarz Fund


Mason said...

Thanks for the link. Our parish has received a number of faithful refugees from the Anglican tradition. The divisions in your church are unfortunate, but orthodox Anglicans make great orthodox Lutherans!
Pax et bonum,

The Midland Agrarian said...

Thank you for the kind words Pastor.
I thought your article definitively nailed the problem.

I am blessed with an orthodox 1928 BCP Anglican mission only three miles from home, where word and sacrament are faithfully delivered, and Martin Luther is often quoted from the pulpit. Otherwise I might be in that position.

byamabe said...

Hi, I run Wittenberg Media and I'm glad to know other faith traditions are listening.

The Midland Agrarian said...

Thank you For all your hard work in making archived shows available!