Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bantam nation

two years ago, I traded a gallon of cider and two Buff Orpington Pullets to a homesteading neighbor for six bantams, (five Japanese and one White Cochin).
There are now somewhere around 45-55 of them running around. I sold two boxes at Rogers Ohio in last year and in June this year. I sold four from an ad at the local mill, The day after I sold them, another four chicks hatched. They are breeding faster than I can get to market. If any readers are in the area and want a FREE starter flock, please email the midlandagrarian at gmail dot com.


baptistparson said...

Bantams are prolific, aren't they! We keep brown leghorns and I ordered five Old English bantys so I'd have some setting hens. I had to order the bantams in straight run and only wound up with one pullet. I haven't had any luck giving the excess roosters away yet. Maybe you'll have better luck than I have!

The Midland Agrarian said...

hello Parson,
I did manage a trade of one rooster and 6 hens for two bushels of grapes.

The young roosters can be used for the table, by skinning and fileting the breast meat out. I would llike to find homes for a few more hens though.

Anonymous said...

I wish we were closer! I would take some chickens. With four growing boys in the house, we're hoping to soon raise our own chickens.

All sage advice is greatly appreciated!

Kimber in IN