Thursday, May 20, 2010

Appleseed Rifle Clinics 2010

I shamefully am only now posting the schedule of Appleseed events to be held here at our farm. You can see the schedule at my other weblog:Timothy Murphy Memorial Designated Appleseed Range. I hope all readers consider availing themselves of this opportunity to both learn to shoot and learn more about our Nation's origins.
There are many more shoots across the nation as well. See our main website at


LizBeth said...

I really enjoyed the very positive article about the Appleseed Clinics in the latest Backwoods Home magazine. This looks like a great event for both youth and adults.

Inalienable Rights said...

Are you near Midland PA? I previously was in Industy.

Be Blessed

Inalienable Rights said...

I concur of Appleseed. I have attended 5 shoots here in Missouri and will go back for more in the Spring.

The Midland Agrarian said...

Thanks for stopping by.
Bit further north of Midland.
The Tim Murphy blog site was removed as the range was moved to a local sportsman's club.