Friday, June 25, 2010

Asking The Right Questions

From the blog of Dr Uwe Simon Netto. He is one of the few theologians that is asking such questions. For the church to prepare for unpleasant reality is not a violation of the two Kingdoms. In times of disaster, act of mercy are more necessary, but can only be enacted by those who prepared.

"But then how is the Church to react in the event of terrorist attacks with nuclear or biological devices; how will it function when the supplies of food and energy are disrupted, and when communications have broken down? How will it respond to severe persecution perhaps even in America and Western Europe? How will it minister to its faithful when they are cut off from their sanctuaries, and when pastors have lost contact to their scattered flocks?

Are these unthinkable scenarios? It would be foolish to assume that they were – even in the United States. Take the word of a septuagenarian for this, a man who has spent his childhood in a country that used to be the most civilized in the world and was reduced to an antechamber of hell almost overnight".read the rest............


Matthias said...

Thank you for this. I come via the GLOSSES FROM AN OLD MANSE blog. I then read the full article. It gave me hope what "you must be a crazy Aussie" . I attenda Baptist church that is evangelcial but believes it can do church differently. we have Bible study groups that are based on where people live ,so it might be that people will go to these in times of persecution,or natural disaster. We had a taste of it last year here in Australia when we had BLACK SATURDAY bushfires which killed 173 people and burnt 200 homes and destroyed towns.My som fought in two of these fires. A poignant sign was that all that was left of an Anglican Church in the town of Kinglake was the Cross.Hope, yes as I read " you are forgiven ,now role up your sleeeves" -and get to work

The Midland Agrarian said...

"you are forgiven, now roll up your sleeves and get to work" great quote.

Glad you found it helpful.