Monday, December 5, 2011

I'm a Farmer for Ron Paul

Regardless of political persuasion, the political media loves to say that votes make a difference. How many times Have you heard that THIS is the most important election of our lifetime? In a country with as many deep rooted cultural problems as ours, I rather think that our broken political system is only a reflection of our broken culture. Many other actions can make a bigger difference than politics. At this time of year, this one might be a good start. That said, I remain a stalwart Ron Paul supporter, as do many other farmers. Most notably, Joel Salatin of Polyface farms is now helping lead a committee of Farmers for Ron Paul. While I am not a complete advocate of Mr. Salatin's approaches for every farm, I think he is a decent Christian gentleman. He is also exactly right about the greatest problem facing most farmers today. Norman Rockwell once painted the old face of government on the family farm: A county agent bringing friendly advice.
The friendly County Agents are now mostly laid off. The face of government on the family farm now is more likely to look like this:
Ron Paul is the only candidate that has expressed any real concerns about our increasingly militarized federal agencies, warrant less searches and seizures, and issues like national animal ID. Family farmers have no better friend. If you Facebook, there is a page for Farmers for Ron Paul


Jackie@Auburn Meadow Farm said...

Really enjoying your blog. I think it's really sad that the extension offices are laying off the employees that could really make a difference to the general population.

Has there ever been a time when citizens needed to learn to preserve and garden more?

I do admire Ron Paul; he seems to be an authentic man of character.

I do worry a bit about removal of regulations from corporations - can you better explain how this could possibly work?

Corporations haven't done much self regulating yet and I can't see where it's likely that they will in the future...

The Midland Agrarian said...

Hi Jackie,
I appreciate and share your concern about large corporations. Where I think my critique would differ from a standard "conservative" is that I see corporations as largely creating both the need for food safety regulations, then customizing the regulations to make it harder on their mom and pop competitors. I saw this with the Cider issue a number of years ago. Big Ag fought tooth and nail against affordable UV treatment for cider even though it was scientifically proven. They wanted mandatory pasteurization because only large corporations can afford pasteurizers.

I can hand milk and cool milk to grade A standard with an $80.00 Cuisinart Ice Cream maker. I can pasteurize with a $25.00 stovetop double boiler. But I still cannot legally sell the milk in many states because the milk laws favor big ag.

The growth of corporate power was allowed by both parties. I think Dr Paul starts to get at the heart of the matter by bringing the most dangerous corporation in America back under control-The Federal Reserve.

Unrelated to this is the oxymoronic concept of "corporate personhood", which we got thanks to a corrupt judiciary.
How can an entity created to avoid liability be a responsible citizen of the Republic?

Thanks for reading, I enjoy your blog too! Hope to come visit sometime.

Jackie@Auburn Meadow Farm said...

I didn't know that about the ice cream maker - I have to check that out. I've been told the milk from hand milking is far better than that from machine.

I still can't believe the whole corporate personhood thing ever happened. I must be naive, but I never could have seen that getting a pass...

Hope you do visit - I'd love to meet you guys in person. Much in common.... : )

CherylD said...

I never thought I'd say this: I miss Katherine Grossman's Ron Paul comments! (I always checked her blog for its farm wisdom; the politics, not so much.)

But with the Republican jockeying and circus, Ron Paul has become the man of the hour - even in the mainstream media heads are turning. So I stopped in at the Midland Agrarian for a dose of Ron Paul, and sure enough, you've posted.

Thought you'd like to give a listen to this observation, by of all people, flash from our pasts, Phil Donahue:

CherylD said...
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The Midland Agrarian said...

Thanks Cheryl. Granny is still campaigning for Ron Paul, but not on the web.

The Midland Agrarian said...

PS Sorry Cheryl, I double approved your comment and then deleted the repeat.