Saturday, August 24, 2013

Info Fasting

"A behavior should probably not be considered “extreme” if it was the practice of the entire human race from Adam until the mid-20th century"

T. David Gordon

The undisputed king of agrarian bloggers,  Herrick Kimball, has been on a news fast. That is a good ingredient in the recipe for a happy life.

I must follow some pertinent local stories for my off-farm profession, but most "news" is really not relevant to my life. In fact, I think "being informed"  when defined as constant contact with the  24/7 information cycle, is probably bad for our mental and spiritual health. Among the damages are attitudes that create a cult of celebrity, whether around a politician or an entertainer.  

A lot of people I actually do admire seem to think the same thing.

Herrick Kimball
CS Lewis
Rev. Dr. T David Gordon
Rev. Franklin Sanders 

What do they all share? They all manage to be more original, thoughtful and well read than modern norm.

I got a shock a while back when giving some visitors a tour of a few really sublime areas of western Pennsylvania.  In the midst of some of nature's finest handiwork, some where checking their smartphones!

An hour a day spent on "news" can also be spent running dogs, shooting, playing fiddle, reading a real book or journal, or fishing. I know how that spent hour makes me happier. Since I spent a half hour in front of this screen typing this, its time to shut down and go enjoy a beautiful day outdoors! Hope you can do the same.


Herrick Kimball said...

Hi Richard,

Thanks for mentioning my blog post, and for adding some insightful comments on "info fasting." The quote from C.S. Lewis is wonderful, as is the essay by Franklin Sanders. I've yet to take a closer look at the T. David Gordon web site.

But the link that comes up when my name is clicked is off topic, and I don't even recognize the page, though it is something I wrote. I'm wondering if something isn't right there?

Best wishes,

Herrick Kimball

The Midland Agrarian said...

I think I inadvertently found a spam type blog that uses your work to gin up traffic. You might be able to have the Google people take it down for copyright violations.