Thursday, August 18, 2011

Toy Guns Scaring the Nanny

Image courtesy of Heroiclife on Flckr

Mike Vanderboegh on the continuing disappearance of common sense.
Two kids playing army sends a town into the vapors.

Growing up in a region that mined coal and limestone, I played with carbide and blackpowder. I still have all my fingers. When I was not trying to break into Dad's carbide cans, I played army. We once "raided" the school on a holiday. We crawled over a mile of strip mines and "sprayed" the building with with toy machine gun fire. With zero tolerance kids who did that today would probably be in a long term psychiatric gulag.


Carol in NC said...

The New York Times ran a good piece a couple of days ago about nature, nanny laws and the lack of common sense. The more dumbed down we are the dumber we become. A true conundrum.

On another note, whatever will we do without Granny's updates on Ron Paul?

The Midland Agrarian said...

Thanks I will try to find that article.
I get my updates from the "daily paul"

VeeV said...

i could write chapters about "safety first"...... but...alas..... i'm much more interested in granny miller's blog which i am completely sad about.

talk about a fantastic reference tool to go to, when i need to 'remember' how things were done.

i want to ask questions about the steam juicer - which i bought for my husband. it came with a booklet, but there's so much more to learn about it, and only a 'user' would be able to help...

boo hoo...
talk to me granny..

Dave said...

We played army, cops and robbers and cowboys and indians, without any malice or injury. This was in the early 1970s when this silliness was just starting.
Once, our little country neighborhood was having a series of breakins, and many folks were afraid. I remember one of our "hipper" neighbors, a young couple who had always been disdainful of games and of my father teaching us to shoot on weekends. We were surprised when they suddenly went out and bought a pistol. But I am sure the crooks were as amused as we were when they let it be widely known that they had not compromised their principles since they had removed the firing pin and did not buy any shells for it!