Friday, August 12, 2011

Turning Up The Heat: The Government's War on Small Farmers

I received this letter in the mail today, and wanted to share it with the World. Apparently, in spite of a budget crisis, trillions in debt, two or three foreign wars, flash mobs, massive unemployment, a complete meltdown on the Mexican Border and the threat of a rising Chinese Navy, the Federal Government has time to send me a friendly warning that a pickup truck load of market lambs were not properly ear tagged in conformity with my state department of agriculture rules. For a Federale to do this is the equivalent to the FBI warning me about a speeding violation.

I had a mildly interesting conversation with Dr Smiley about this matter. Apparently Pennsylvania changed its rules that previously only required tags for older sheep.
Why does a Federal official feel a need to implement a state rule? When I asked for a copy of the state rule, He stated he would need to find it and send me a copy. I am sure he and I will be talking again.

You may of heard today that we Farmers are also going to have to get Commercial Driver's Licenses to keep the nation safe from our tractors, haybines and manure spreaders. As my lovely wife has a CDL and I don't, she is poised to be the only tractor driver in the family.

This also comes on the heels of a Freedom of Information Act request I had to file with the Pennsylvania Department of Homeland Security. You see, my wife and I hosted RWVA Appleseed shoots on our farm until they were taken over by a nearby Sportsman's Club. Under the previous governor, PA Homeland Security hired an Israeli intelligence gathering firm to monitor RWVA (and many other groups)as a potential for attracting "anti government extremists".

In comments under the previous post, I mentioned I was contemplating another blogging project since the death of the Granny Miller site. As freedom may be breathing its last in America and multiple financial crises usher in a police state, independent farms and businesses are going to be increasingly targeted. In these days, anyone with an opinion that differs from the mainstream will be labeled an extremist. In the face of such threats, "political" blogging is an act of self defense and I hope to have a new site up and running soon under my own name. If you don't hear from me, I may be in some USDA Gulag for not properly tagging a sheep.

Best Regards,

Richard Grossman


Anonymous said...

Can't wait to read the new blog! Be sure to give us a link to it when its up and running! :o)

Link P said...

Can you reach out to me via email? I grew up in SW PA and have an interest in retiring on my homestead with an agrarian lifestyle that involves goats, so this post concerns me. You should be able to find my email easily enough. I'll follow this comment thread via email so you can easily let me know if you have trouble finding my email address. I found you via Snowflakes in Hell

Countertop said...


You may not realize it, but we were able to get DOT to back off the asinine CDL requirement. Seems that this started in Illinois as a way for the state government to try to raise revenue (license fees). States always had the right to impose a CDL, but it was a politically touchy issue - so they went to DOT and asked DOT to issue "guidance" that the states could then say "forced them to require CDLs."

Only problem is that it blew up in DOT/Obama's face.

Here's a link to DOT's decision not to do anything.

The Midland Agrarian said...

Yes, I happily learned that DOT backed off since I posted this, but thanks for the heads up---one less battle to fight.

Link P think I found your email!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sticking up for your rights. We have got to keep arguing back. Be alert and watch the back door at the capital building.
We must keep up these types of blogs if anything to encourage others to hold on to our liberties.
I thought communism was a thing of the past in this country then as soon as Obama was elected communism was coming out of the woodwork. Never underestimate this cancer.

ruralcounsel said...

Federal and State governments are waging a low intensity war with small farmers, but the reason isn't as mundane or innocent as a bureaucratic pissing contest and desire to be a PITA.

As part of Homeland Security planning, they've concluded that they need to get tighter control of the nation's food supply. Control the food, and you control the population. And they've decided that there is a lot of food that can come out of small farms - enough to threaten that control, at least in rural America. The more they get you in their databases and under their regulatory regime, the more control they have over you.

In the event of a declared national emergency, be prepared to have your livestock and food confiscated. That's the primary goal of the 2011 Executive Order 13575 establishing Rural Councils, and the push for mandatory NAIS across the country.

Prairiecactus said...

Looking forward to the new blog...hope you have time soon to get it up and running.

The Midland Agrarian said...

Dear Prairie Cactus and Peerless Princess of the Prairie,

please see the new post.

PS, I love Kansas and am always honored when the sons and daughters of the prairie drop by.