Monday, June 15, 2009

Persecution in Connecticut

This from Chris Rosebrough, the admiral over at Pirate Christian Radio, all Christians need to follow what is happening in Connecticut (as well as growing persecution in the UK) I was actually shocked by the constitutional implications of this state interference in church affairs, and I am pretty hard to shock these days.

You can listen here.

Friday, June 12, 2009

New Site for Appleseed Range

I have a new weblog for the Appleseed Range. I will continue to post here about the farm and whatever else crosses my mind. I will occasionally cross post in both weblogs. However, I wanted to have a site for anyone planning to attend an Appleseed here and needing practical information without sifting through posts about how to build a sheep feeder, or various events in the life of a small Anglican church.

The new site is here.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Appleseed Update

Just a quick post: Readers of this journal may know about our offer to use a part of our farm for the Appleseed program, as well as my own experience in this program, this past Patriot's Day.

It is now official. I am the host of the Timothy Murphy Memorial DAR (Designated Appleseed Range). After a poll of RWVA members, it was decided to name the range after a Pennsylvania born Hero of the Revolution, Timothy Murphy.The story of Timothy Murphy is proof how one common man can make a difference in history. His shot at Saratoga, helped win that battle, and Saratoga was the victory that allowed American diplomats to gain French and other European help.

The first Appleseed clinic will be here on August 15-16. Anyone can register at
the RWVA site. There is free primitive camping here, or nearby motels and full service campgrounds.

RWVA is a nonprofit group, Kids shoot free, Active duty military shoot free, ladies shoot free. Revolutionary War reenactors may also attend and shoot free if they wear their uniform (at least the first day and hopefully explain some of the history of their uniform). For the rest of us, the Clinic is $45 per day or $70 for both days. Register for both days and get a cool free T-Shirt. If the T-shirt is not enough, The combination of safety instruction, marksmanship training and American history is well worth a weekend.

I will be posting much more on this later.