Monday, June 2, 2008

Spring Flush

I realized I had not posted a blog entry in over 30 days. This is really a busy time of year around here. My list is long:

Clean out barn
Fix manure spreader
Shear Ewes
Plant oats for summer grazing
Repairing and expanding fences
Build new chicken tractors
Set up new breeding stanchion/Cow pen in barn
Clean down trees from edge of hayfield

In addition to the normal stuff of mowing, basic spring clean up and the vegetable garden, and a busy off-farm job. When I get overwhelmed, I remember what is done.

The orchard is pruned and was sprayed with dormant oil the apples look good.
We transplanted black raspberries, red raspberries and strawberries
most of the garden is set out
Spring clean up is proceeding well
There is more than a cord of firewood for next year

The grass always grows faster than the animals can graze this time of year. With fewer animals than we used to have, I try to hand cut some of the odd corners and small areas that the haybine won't reach with a scythe and feed it as green chop. Our cows love it. I bought the scythe from Marugg Company about 5 years ago, and really prefer it to a weed eater. It cuts best in the early morning when the grass is wet. It is silent. It is graceful to use. I can cut a wheelbarrow load in about 15 minutes.