Saturday, March 22, 2014

Deliberate Agrarian E Book special

For many years, my friend Herrick Kimball has been the most active and consistent voice of the Christian Agrarian movement. Three things always amaze me about Herrick:

1.His dedication to blogging, giving literally thousands of hours of his time to share practical and spiritual assistance to those who wish to move towards a more agrarian mindset.

2.His mechanical ingenuity, which has been a real help to those of us who cannot afford $3000 chicken pluckers and $1000 garden carts.

3.His slow but steady progress on his own homestead, which has built real and lasting results. Its also much better than trying too-much-too-fast (those who do that often burn out financially or mentally).

I actually met Herrick in the printed word, before I ever knew about his blog. I first bought his Writings of a Deliberate Agrarian   at Lehman  hardware store a few years ago. There is no more readable book to summarize the agrarian ideal of faith, family and living the good life.

Right now, the e-book version is a paltry .99 cents. For less than a cup of coffee at a fancy shop, you can have a book to inspire your journey towards greater joy and freedom. Here is the link: