Monday, July 12, 2010

Another great Sermon from Father Robert Hart.

Along with my own pastor, the sermons of Father Robert Hart over at the Continuum are becoming a regular favorite. Father Hart leans "high church" in certain respects and my parish leans "low church", but the Gospel is being proclaimed with all its startling implications in both places. I believe this proclamation remains so consistent because of commitment to the traditional Books of Common Prayer. The prayer book is not just something we use to be "traditional" or "English"; we use it because by ordering Scripture readings around thoughtful prayers it lets us better understand truths about man and God that are consistent from Genesis to Revelation.

"Our Book of Common Prayer does not flatter us, and does not lie to us. Some people have decided that religion is a self-help program. Be warned; if your idea of the Christian life is some sort of self-improvement program, you are in grave danger of missing the whole point". Read it all here.