Monday, September 29, 2014

Goodbye Granny Miller

If this weblog were one of my sheep or cows, it would have starved from neglect! I have been meaning to post about a couple of things, but real life sometimes intervenes. In my priorities, the real world should always take precedence over the virtual one. 

My wife has officially retired from blogging again, but has made arrangement to migrate her (and a bit of my own) useful "evergreen content" to the homestead bloggers network . That frees her from needing to maintain her site from an ever growing army of foreign spammers, while still giving continued  access to some pretty useful material about homestead skills.

While I  know many will miss her, I am happy because the less time she puts into a website, the more time she has to make me a pie or pudding!  

I also want to commend the some recent posting at Old Jamestown Church to interested readers. There is a good discussion about Christian manliness that both mothers and young men need to read.
 I genuinely fear that the increasing urbanization of our culture is producing only thugs or sissies.  The agrarian man is neither. I see no disconnect between enjoying my favorite flowers and a good 45.


Leigh said...

Tell Katherine we'll miss her. So glad all her writings won't be lost in computer oblivion. There's a lot of valuable material there.

mdoe37 said...

I'll miss her blog and wealth of knowledge as well. After reading her goodbye post (and copying the meatloaf recipe!), I thought back as to her needing to step back and do more productive things. I realized that I spend far too much time in front of this screen and have started unsubbing from blogs, etc that are only of marginal interest to me.

If she doesn't mind, I'm going to take that lesson with me.